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That’s great to hear! Providing documentation and offering guarantees on the dental work shows a commitment to quality and patient satisfaction. It helps build trust and confidence in your dental practice. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, feel free to let me know!

The guarantee covers the following:

  • Removable dentures: 2 years
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns: 5 years
  • Zirconia crowns: 5 years
  • Implants: The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee for the implant material.
  • In case of unsuccessful implantation, which is very rare in relation to bone integration, we will attempt to place a new implant if possible, or refund the cost of the implant.
  • The guarantee is contingent on proper oral hygiene and annual check-ups, as well as refraining from excessive smoking.
  • At KG Dental, the success rate of implanted implants is over 95%.

Terms of the guarantee:

  • Thorough oral hygiene, following the dentist’s instructions.
  • Participation in annual check-up examinations.

The guarantee is not valid if:

  • the patient does not attend the annual check-ups
  • they do not follow the dentist’s instructions
  • the use of the dental prosthesis is not appropriate (e.g., falls, impact)
  • problems arise due to changes in the oral situation (treatment of inflamed teeth under the prosthesis, loosening due to gum recession).

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