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KG Dental Clinic and Implantation Centre


Welcome to KG Dental Dentistry!

Patient-centred dentistry

Dental Clinic and Implantation Centre in Mosonmagyaróvár, where our patients are the first to be treated


30 trained staff at the service of patients: 2 oral surgeons, 5 dentists, 7 treatment rooms.


Unique facilities, own dental laboratory. Free assessment, quotation and check-up.


The highest quality dental materials, provided by our own dental laboratory.

KG Dental dental clinic
KG Dental dental clinic

KG Dental - Specialist in Implants

At KG Dental dental clinic and implant center, we have been performing oral surgical procedures since the 1990s, whether it involves bone augmentation or implantation. The field of dentistry is constantly evolving, especially in the realm of implants. The possibilities for application are expanding, and implantation has become the solution in more and more cases. It’s possible to replace a single tooth, fix an entire set of teeth, or even design a full bridge with up to 6 implants, all with the help of 3D computer technology. In our clinic, we combine decades of experience with the most advanced technical background, all for the benefit of the patient.
Why choose KG Dental
Why choose KG Dental

Why choose KG Dental for your dental problems?

Recommendations from thousands of satisfied patients
When seeking a solution for health issues, it’s important to find a provider you can trust. You can entrust your own or your family members’, acquaintances’ dental treatment to the KG Dental team, which has repeatedly proven its expertise. Decades of experience and thousands of satisfied patients are a guarantee of this.
We take pride in the fact that a large portion of our patients come to us through personal recommendations. This is the highest praise for us, when a satisfied patient recommends our clinic, KG Dental.

Dental Treatments

Our dental services and treatments with qualified dentists in Mosonmagyaróvár. Whatever your dental problem, we can help!

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Register for your first consultation!

Our dental clinic provides a free assessment and quotation for all our patients, during which we will assess the condition of your teeth and provide you with an accurate dental treatment plan. To find out what options you have for an aesthetic and healthy smile, make an appointment now!

KG Dental’s goal
  • Always Affordable Prices

How much will it cost? KG Dental’s goal is to provide quality services at affordable prices. We do not aim to be the cheapest clinic, as it’s important to remember that the cheapest alternative often comes with compromises. Our aim is for you to get value for your money at an acceptable price point: quality care, not just promises, clear and understandable information about the procedures, guarantee, and post-treatment care. Choosing KG Dental dental clinic and implant center is a worthwhile decision.
  • Procedures Under Anesthesia

Our clinic is uniquely equipped with a dedicated treatment room for procedures performed under anesthesia. It is equipped with facilities that are typically found only in hospitals. During procedures under anesthesia, an anesthesiologist and an assistant are present to oversee the anesthesia process.
  • In-House Dental Laboratory

The dental prosthesis you receive, one that you can wear for a lifetime, is not the work of a single person. A crucial factor working behind the scenes is the dental laboratory. This is where the dental technician, based on the instructions of the dentist, crafts your dental restoration. The collaboration between the dentist and the dental technician is teamwork, resulting in a dental restoration that matches the color, shape, and precision you envisioned.

It is worth choosing KG Dental dental practice and implant centre if you want affordable, quality and accurate dental treatment! Make an appointment now!


Gilad Tal (‫טל גלעד‬‎) Great! The staff is kind, helpful, patient and above all professional. Did an excellent job. Gilad Tal (‫טל גלעד‬‎)
Leigh Bejasa Great group of kind and professional people. Dr. Szabo and her staff are outstanding and will go the extra mile to give you the best possible care and best experience! Two Thumbs up and Five stars! Highly recommended. Leigh Bejasa

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