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What do our patients say about the aesthetic dentures created in KG Dental?

We asked our patients who received aesthetic dentures in our clinic: ‘How has your life changed after receiving the crown or bridge?’. Hungarian and European patients are different, so the answers varied, but every patient agreed: they made a difficult decision when they started the treatment, but they did not regret it because their quality of life improved significantly thanks to the dentures. They no longer have to struggle with dental problems, they can eat and drink without restrictions, and they don’t have to hide their smiles when they want to laugh wholeheartedly.

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You can improve the quality of your everyday life with aesthetic dental restorations made with state-of-the-art technology.

KG Dental Dental Clinic has decades of experience in the field of high-quality dental restorations. Several thousand satisfied patients can testify to the flawless and value-for-money dental care provided by our clinic. It is not uncommon for up to three generations of families to return to our clinic.Thanks to our in-house dental laboratory, we can guarantee fast and precise work at a European standard.

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In which cases might you need aesthetic dentures?

We create crowns for significant damage to the tooth structure or to address aesthetic concerns.
In cases of partial tooth loss, both functional and aesthetic impairments are restored with bridge restorations.

•    The base is an extremely durable metal frame, crafted in our own dental laboratory.
•    It is made of hypoallergenic metal or noble metal.
•    An aesthetic ceramic layer is applied to the metal frame, replicating the natural look of the tooth.
•    It provides strength, durability, and a long lifespan.
•    Creates an aesthetic smile.
•    Cost-effective solution.
•    Can be crafted for implant-supported restorations as well.

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