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Free Dental consultation

No obligation

Healthy teeth are available to everyone. As a first step, we prepare a personal treatment plan and offer together with the patients, taking into account the wishes of the patients. This service is free and without obligation.
It is important for us not to cause pain to the patient and to avoid even the slightest damage. We only start the treatment if the patient has understood and accepted our offer.

Suitable equipment

We work exclusively with high-quality Swiss and German materials and equipment that comply with strict EU regulations. The equipment of our treatment rooms is among the most modern, these rooms are also suitable for performing sterile surgeries.

Qualified and experienced dentists

Patients are treated by 7 highly qualified dentists. We are experienced in the field of dental prosthodontics and dentistry, right up to orthodontics. Our clinic ranks first in the field of implantation.

Dental tips, advice

Have a dental problem? Read our latest dental tips from our dentists!

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