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removable dental bridge

What are the advantages of a removable dental bridge?

The advantages of a removable dental bridge include:
  • Affordability: Among dental prosthetics, removable bridges are the most budget-friendly solution nowadays.
  • Guaranteed Quality: All our removable dental bridges are crafted in our own dental technical laboratory, ensuring their quality.
  • Minimal Intervention: A removable dental bridge is not a major procedure, so it won’t cause you pain or discomfort.
  • Quick Turnaround: Removable dental bridges can be made swiftly, restoring your chewing ability within a week.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A well-made removable dental bridge from high-quality materials can provide you with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

When is it recommended to make a removable dental bridge?

A removable dental in case of complete tooth loss.

If you have only a few missing teeth, meaning there are still stable teeth that can be used to anchor the removable bridge, we recommend considering this option. The key is to ensure the stability of the bridge by attaching it to the remaining teeth. This can be done using various techniques.

If this has piqued your interest, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation!

Removable partial denture secured with clasps

This solution combines both fixed and removable dental bridges. The production process is time-consuming and involves intricate dental work. However, this is not a problem for us because our experienced staff in our own dental technical laboratory creates the dental prosthetics. This means that the dentist and dental technician working on the dental prosthetic are in direct professional communication, ensuring an even more perfect removable partial denture for you.

This solution is considered much more aesthetic and precise. A bridge is made for the existing teeth, onto which a partial denture made on a metal plate is attached. This dental prosthetic is secured to the bridge with a special clasp on one or both sides.

Dentures with noble metal-based frameworks secured by telescopic crowns

Dentures with noble metal-based frameworks secured by telescopic crownsA telescopic denture is a combined dental prosthesis consisting of two parts:
•    Primary crowns placed on the teeth. These crowns are small metal caps that are attached to the patient’s own prepared teeth.
•     Inside the denture, there are secondary telescopic crowns. These crowns fit precisely onto the primary crowns in the mouth, holding the dental prosthesis in place.

Fixed dental bridges

Fixed dental bridgesThe semi-permanent, fixed dental bridge is a combination of removable and fixed dental bridges. We recommend this solution in cases where the front teeth are still present, but the molars on the sides are missing. The remaining teeth are connected with a bridge. Attachments, also known as “attachment devices,” are secured to the two side-supporting teeth. These attachments fit into the corresponding part of the removable dental bridge.

This solution is advantageous because the securing elements, the metal caps, are not visible, it is extremely stable, and there is a reduced risk of enamel damage during removal and insertion, thereby minimizing the risk of loosening.

Removable dentures in cases of complete tooth loss

Removable dentures in cases of complete tooth lossIn cases of complete tooth loss, we recommend plastic-based dentures. This is a common and aesthetic solution, but the drawback is that proper stability is not always guaranteed. The strength of acrylic dentures can be increased by incorporating a gold mesh.

This is an excellent solution that eliminates the discomfort of removable dentures within a week.

The main challenge with dentures is the lack of anchoring points in the mouth to prevent slipping. This problem can be solved by placing ADIN implants, creating stable anchoring points in the mouth that are perfectly suitable for securing dentures. This solution is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and Hungary, as it can fundamentally change and significantly improve your quality of life.


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