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Oral Hygiene On Wednesday | KG Dental Dentistry


Oral Hygiene On Wednesday

Do you want a brilliant smile?

Everyone has tartar in their mouth. Tartar should be removed by a professional every 6 months. This prevents gum recession, which can lead to loose teeth. This procedure keeps the gums and tooth surface clean and healthy.
Oral Hygiene Wednesday | KG Dental Dentistry At-home oral care and regular semi-annual oral hygiene treatments significantly contribute to avoiding dental problems like gum inflammation, which can be accompanied by discomfort or pain. Tartar contains bacteria that can lead to gum inflammation. Symptoms include bad breath and gum bleeding. Untreated gum inflammation can lead to periodontal disease, bone loss, and ultimately, loose or lost teeth.
  • Half-price dental days every Wednesday at KG Dental!
  • Services include tartar removal and dental hygiene consultation.
  • Teeth whitening with ZOOM2 Advanced.

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*Offer valid only on Wednesdays for dental hygiene treatments, by appointment only.

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